Sunday, April 22, 2007

A polite 'no comment' from Smoke

There was a time not so long ago, ie last year, that one or both of Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon would have ended up in the wall. I'm beginning to see a trend of 'co-opetition' this season that goes all the way to the chequered flag. Obviously Smoke doesn't feel that it applies post-race, cos he had NOTHING to politely say to anybody. Has everybody been told to behave themselves this season? Maybe in an effort to improve safety (along with the COT) for everybody.

Usually Stewart would have at least had another go at unsettling Gordon's car, and Gordon would have reciprocated. That's NASCAR isn't it? While I am a fan of panel damage, Tony Stewart had nothing for Jeff Gordon at the end, so I guess the best car did win. Hack! Man, that stuck in my throat.

Today's race was a bit of a bonus. I'd assumed it was going to be a Monday morning job and I was going to miss it. The power company is installing a new transformer over the road and we are having our power cut all day. I only lucked onto the Phoenix race by checking the channel guide. The gods were smiling on me this lunchtime.

The V8 Supercars are also on. It's the final race at New Zealand's Pukekohe race circuit, so it's been an ass-on-couch type of weekend. This is the series where the GT, which is the top-of-the-range version of my model Ford Falcon XR8 (or ones vaguely resembling them) is competing - so I always check it it. It's a two-make series between Ford and Holden (GM owned, and designers of the new Pontiac GTO). Holden won again, but they always do at Pukekohe. No big deal. Cheating, robbing bastards!


Racefan57 said...

nice car mate!!

ABAT said...

Cheers Racefan57 - first brand new car I've ever owned and loving it. I can't understand why Ford in the US doesn't make more use of them. The Falcon is a great old name, didn't Ford US stop making them around 1966-67?
The 5.4L (331cid) quad cam V8 is a monster. I see Saleen is putting a 3V 5.4 into their 331 Sport Truck (based on the F150). That's the engine down from the quad cam. Same block, different heads. The Mustang GT is only using the 4.6. We feel very lucky down here in Australasia to have the cars we've got.
There are people running around with very streetable 800hp versions of my car - and the kids fit in easy too.

Again, cheers.